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Tile Layer not displaying at largest scale with particular basemaps

04-24-2023 04:15 AM
New Contributor

Hi. I have created a Tile Layer (hosted) and have built tiles at 9 scales. I have added the layer to a map and am displaying it on top of the Light Gray Canvas basemap.

Scales 1-8 display fine, but the Tile Layer disappears if I zoom into the largest (9th) scale for which I have tiles. If I change the basemap (e.g. to Topographic), or remove the basemap altogether, the 9th level appears (so I know tiles have been generated!). Unfortunately, none of the other Esri basemaps are suitable.

The scale I'm trying to view at is within the Visibility Extents of both the basemap and my Tile Layer. I have also tried adding my Tile Layer as both a layer and as part of the basemap, but the outcome is the same.

What might be stopping the Tile Layer displaying at this level only, and only with this basemap?


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I have seen this issue when there are more than one tiled layer in the map (including basemap), and the tiling scheme and generated tiles is not the same.