Theme custom background style settings not applying in AGOnline WAB

01-31-2019 07:41 AM
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I am using the Launchpad Theme in Web appBuilder on ArcGIS Online.

When changing the theme's style color using a custom color function.  The Branding logo next to the Title whites out and our uploaded logo can hardly be seen, since the background color doesn't get applied. Also,  I notice that Anchor Bar Contoller custom color doesn't get applied; and those widget buttons colors all get reset to a gray color.

If I change the theme's style color back to the blue default color our Branding logo reapears and the color to the Anchor Bar Controller and associated button color reappears. 

Logo background color seems to not be applied.

Uploaded logo cannot be read due to background color not being applied when change withing the theme.

Anchor Bar Controller and associated button colors change.

Anchor Bar Controller and associated button color changes when applying a custom background to the theme.

Has anyone else experience this behavior when applying a custom background style color to the Launchpad theme?

Note:  I am noticing this behavior within the WAB Developer Edition version 2.11 as well.

I appreciate any feedback.

Paul Trimble

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Hi @PaulTrimble1 when you change the LaunchpadTheme 'styles' it switches between default, style2, and style3 in the app (\\location of app\custom app name\themes\LaunchpadTheme\styles). 

The default style color is "default" and has the colored launchpad anchor bar buttons. Either style2 of style3 is what it is switched to when changing the theme to have a custom color.

The config that defines the colors shown in the 'colorful' anchor bar is located here: 
\\app location\app name\themes\LaunchpadTheme\styles\default\css\jimu-theme.css
To change the colors/orders in the colorful theme, you change the .icon-item-background0, background1 etc. colors.

That css file delineating the .icon-item-background colors for the anchor buttons does NOT change between default, style2, and style3, so I am guessing that instead you will have to search through the default folder for code that references icon-item-background, and then compare that file to what the same file shows for style2/style3. My guess is that at some point along the code, instead of telling it to pick a color based on the color index discussed above, it instead just hardcodes in a grey color.

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Ahh I just saw that this is on ArcGIS Online. You may not be able to change the default colors in ArcGIS Online. I am using the Custom Web App Builder.

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