Metadata for ArcGIS Online layers

05-02-2019 08:39 AM
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I am confounded by metadata in AGOL. Layers in our enterprise geodb have metadata, but when published to a hosted feature layer, all metadata is missing. The only information stored with the layer is whatever was entered in the Item Description area of the Service Editor. I have enabled metadata for our organization. I found this in the AGOL help docs: 

  • For hosted web layers that already had metadata in the data from ArcMap when you published, and at the time your organization was not enabled for metadata (for example, before July 8, 2015), you can enable viewing that metadata in the hosted web layer item by opening the metadata editor and clicking Save. This populates the metadata editor with the metadata in the style configured by the organization. 

This seems to be describing my situation, but when I follow this, it doesn't work. It seems the only way to add metadata to a hosted layer is through the metadata editor, which is slow and cumbersome.  Although all parts of metadata are important, my GIS Director is particularly concerned with the field attribute descriptions.  Can anyone please give me some guidance on how to get metadata to show up in AGOL?  TIA!

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