ArcGIS Experience Builder - Browser issues in mobile devices

06-02-2021 11:45 PM
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I made a web app using ArcGIS Experience Builder.

Operation is very simple:
- touch a point on the map
- the popup of the relative polygon feature is displayed, which refers to an image via hyperlink.

Everything works as expected on any browser used by desktop computers.

Instead I have encountered some problems on the latest versions of google Chrome installed on Android devices: when you touch points on the map, the popup display does not update.

I have verified that this issue take place on mobile devices with Android 10 and version 90 of Google Chrome.
The problem does not occur on Google Chrome for Ios and older versions. For example, on Google Chrome 81 it also works perfectly on Android.

Is this a known problem? Is there a solution or a workaround?
The alternative would be to configure a new Web App with the WebApp Builder, but I'd rather stay in Experience Builder that I like a lot.

If anyone has the patience to try to reproduce the problem here is the link, it's a web map aimed at public disclosure of waste collection service information.

Thank you so much everyone

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