Symbology Missing for a Layer in Map Viewer Classic

08-15-2023 03:35 PM
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I need help trying to figure out why only one of 2 layers symbology are showing up in Map Viewer Classic, but they all show up in Map Viewer. I have recreated the map in ArcPro (version 3.1) and uploaded it to ArcGIS Online, but it still gives me the same problem. I also have tried to separately upload the problem layer and view it in Map Viewer Classic with no success, but can view it on the map in Map Viewer.

Both layers are present in the legend, but only the symbology for one is shown and none of the layers are turned off. I really would like to use map viewer classic for now to use WAB for this map for now until the Experience Builder is more developed, which is the reason I ask.



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This seems to be a fairly new setting.  I have had the same issue publishing to AGOL recently (but works fine without using this compatibility setting for Map Viewer Classic on Enterprise 10.9.1)

When you publish from ArcGIS Pro, you need to check the "Use symbol types compatible with all clients" check box to convert ArcGIS Pro symbols to web symbols that can be rendered by all applications, or "symbols appear downgraded in older clients, such as Map Viewer Classic."