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Symbology Disappears when Changing Status

09-05-2023 06:38 AM
New Contributor II

I have a feeling it has something to do with the Domain - when the field worker changes from Incomplete (what I assigned everything to in Pro) to any of the other options, it moves them into an Other box with no symbology. I have to individually match the colors for the Other options to make them visible, which is not a great option. This has happened to other projects of mine as well, and it just recently started happening maybe a few months ago. It also would be great to have no duplicate labels in the legend. Is there a workflow to avoid this happening?


Screenshot 2023-09-05 093436.png

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Esri Notable Contributor

Can you share the map and layer? I think it might be an issue with the value that is set on style and the value that is stored on the feature is different. 

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