Symbolise Coded Values as quantities

09-25-2019 08:02 AM
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I have a point layer, created via the dashboard at, intended for use with Collector. One of the observations to be completed in the field is a scale, e.g. 6 steps encompassing 'Not Present' through to 'Very Common'. I have set this up as Coded Values, on a field of type Integer, with Names as per the descriptions ('Not Present' etc.) and Values as integers in logical order. This works fine in Collector.

My ideal would be to show the category being rated (e.g. graffiti, litter) as a colour and its prevalence as a size, but there is no option to symbolise multiple values. I am currently working around this by having the layer in twice, with differing symbology, but can I create the layer so I can symbolise by multiple attributes?

Symbolising the rating scale alone, it's not clear how "Counts and Amounts (Size)", with values of <0 to >100, relates to my 6 integer values. "Counts and Amounts (Colour)"  does at least show values from 1 to 6. What would make more sense is varying the symbol colour or size by the integer value, so e.g. 'Not Present' is white and 'Very Common' is dark purple, with appropriate intermediate values. Is this possible?

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