delete then create same user name: not possible?

09-24-2019 09:28 AM
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This is an issue for emergency management. Kory Kramer‌  We use a file to batch create hundreds of usernames.  If we create a username, let's say JamesBond, then we delete it. If we go to re-create it next time it can't be created, it has to be JamesBond1.  The issue is we have FacilitiesPerson and then it goes to FacilitiesPerson1, or 2, or whatever. And different numbers because sometimes it's a new user and sometimes it existed.  So... we would like this to work:  Simply put:  If we created a username, but then delete it after the storm, we want to be able to create it again, the exact same username.  Will this be possible in the Next-Gen ArcGIS Online?

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this seems like a minor detail, but it is important. When you have hundreds of users across multiple jurisdictions, consistency and reliability are key for emergency management. Being able to create the same username again for the whole roster would be very helpful.

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Hey Kevin.

ArcGIS Online is not my forte (so that's my caveat with the response here), but have you checked to make sure that Esri Access isn't enabled for those members?  I'm not sure if that would affect the behavior you're describing here - maybe Kelly Gerrow has a better response to what you're seeing...