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Summarize Within tool unable to calculate median value?

11-18-2020 10:06 AM
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Is it not possible to calculate median values using the Summarize Within tool? 

summarize within screenshot.JPG

Average, maximum, minimum are easily calculated.

summarize within screenshot2.JPG






Is there a conflict with the data source/type? 

Any possible workarounds on ArcGIS online? Or will I have to use desktop to accomplish this analysis?



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Hi Nicholas,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, at this time, Median calculation is not supported in ArcGIS Online. It is, however, in consideration for future iterations of ArcGIS Online Analysis. Please feel free to submit an official enhancement request through Esri Support Services or add this to the ArcGIS Ideas page. We appreciate the feedback.

For now, I would recommend using desktop to accomplish this analysis.


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