StoryMaps Skipping Sections

02-24-2022 07:53 AM
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Hi all, the StoryMap my organization is working on seems to have some sort of bug. When working with the document, both editors and viewers are repeatedly "bumped" back up to the top of the document, and are unable to scroll down to  portions below a certain point. The cutoff point appears to be located around where we've embedded a public Google Sheets file. Has anyone encountered this issue before, and figured out a workaround?

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I would guess this is because you are trying to directly embed your Sheet in your story using the URL you usually use to access your Sheet in Google Sheets. In that view Google is expecting to have full control over your browser window, and the content at that URL is not meant to play well with others.

In order to embed a Google Sheet in another web page, you want to follow Google's steps for creating an embed URL, by "Publishing your Sheet", and then use that URL in your StoryMap:

Make Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Forms public: Embed files


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