Special characters aren't displayed

11-19-2019 03:05 AM
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Hey all, 

I'm currently trying to create a map for a Website. The data is from a CSV-File and contains special characters (ü,ä,ö,é). The Problem is, that ArcGIS Online doesn't display these characters in the pop-up window (see attached screenshot).

Any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Dominik Zell‌,

I tested this in my ArcGIS Online organization and see the special characters from my CSV in the pop-up window:


What browser are you using? I am on Chrome latest (79.0.3945.88). 

Hope that helps,


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Hi Dominik Zell - try saving the CSV with UTF-8 encoding. Once the CSV is properly encoded, ArcGIS Online should display the characters correctly. 

Help has some instructions for doing this: 

You can save a text file as UTF-8 or Unicode in Windows. Open the file in a text editor such as Notepad, click File > Save As, and choose UTF-8 or Unicode from the Encoding drop-down menu shown at the bottom of the Save As dialog box.

CSV, TXT, and GPX files—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation (under Considerations for adding CSV AND TXT files to Map Viewer).