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Spatial filter in Experience Builder doesn't respond to selected polygon filter

03-22-2023 09:49 AM
New Contributor

I am applying a spatial filter to my query widget.  When I use "Geometries from a map" & draw a polygon, features from my data source are selected as expected. However, when I use "Selected features from data source" and choose any of my existing boundary polygon feature layers as the filter layer, and one of these 3 spatial relationship rules (Contain, Intersect, Within), the selected features do not correspond to the filter layer at all. Notice in image below the pink features fall outside the dotted line of the filter layer. 

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

It could be that the filter layer's spatial reference differs from your other layers' spatial reference. Another possibility could be a data issue with the layer itself, such as errors in geometry or attribute values. To troubleshoot this issue, I recommend checking the spatial reference of the filter layer and ensuring that it matches the spatial reference of your other layers. You may also want to check the integrity of the layer's data by reviewing the attribute table and checking for any errors or discrepancies.

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