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09-04-2019 01:44 PM
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Is it possible to have a live data connection from Smartsheet into ArcGIS online? I would like to have a table in Smartsheet that has latitude and longitude display directly in a ArcGIS online map.

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I've been able to do a rough connection by grabbing Smartsheet data with their Python API then pushing that to an AGOL feature service with the ArcGIS API for Python. We set it up in Task Scheduler so it's an automatic update a few times a day. Not ideal but it works. With increased support for webhooks in AGOL that might be another option to explore.

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Jason I’m trying to do the same thing that you explained. Is there any chance you could share some examples of the Scripts you wrote? I’m struggling with api so far. 

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Jason, I would also be interested if you are having success with this.  My situation is the Smartsheets table has no coordinates.  I am moving points to their correct locations through WebApp Builder tools working with non-technical users, but would like to push those coordinates back to Smartsheets as well as keep the two in sync.  I'm trying to keep Excel out of the workflows!

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There is a blog found here discussing how to do this... 

Haven't tried it out yet, but since there was never a resolution over here and I also found the link mentioned above, thought I would close the loop for anyone else looking for a tutorial... 

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