Slow Attribute Table in WAB App

10-27-2019 11:39 PM
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We have a number of web maps that we share via WAB apps in AGOL. The thing is, the attribute tables in the map are fast whilst the same attribute table in the app can be very slow in the Attribute Table widget - or completely fail to load. We've tried recreating new apps but it's consistent regardless of the app template.

See here for a webmap: 

And here for the corresponding WAB App: ArcGIS Web Application 

Has anyone else experienced the same issue?


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for including the links to the WAB App and Web Map. 

The reason for the slowness is that the query request to return the attributes in the Web AppBuilder widget includes geometry. The query request in the Web Map Viewer does not include geometry. Changing the returnGeometry request parameter to "true" in the Web Map request and re-sending from the REST endpoint reproduces the slow behavior. 

There is currently a bug logged for this internally. You can contact Support and request to have your account attached to BUG-000125983. 

Some of your features also appear to have very complex geometry which will significantly affect performance. For example, the Geometry from one feature in JSON format takes up 37 Microsoft Word pages. Therefore I would recommend simplifying geometry in ArcGIS Pro and republishing the Hosted Feature Service to see if that improves the speed at which the WAB Attribute Table widget loads. Without testing I can't be sure, but I expect you will see significant performance improvements after doing this. 

Hope this helps,


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Hi Peter,

Thanks for your reply - it's good to know you're already onto it. Believe it or not our more complex shapes are already generalised on the way in, but as we make this data available via OpenData we don't want to overdo it. The complexity is the nature of this beast unfortunately. Hopefully resolving the bug will help.