Showing different views in web map depending on named user

02-18-2019 01:56 AM
Esri Regular Contributor

I have a web application with a web map that has a layer of locations of a couple of sites and related tables. 

Depending on which user (can be up to 6 different users) is looking at the application he should only be able to see the data related to "his" site. 

This works in general well when I define a layer view and assign the new view to the map and then the new map to the application. But this would mean I would have to create 6 different maps and apps to have views per site/user. 

Is there a way to have all the views saved in the map but only show the ones that are shared with the user? And (what might be more tricky) to apply the application widgets only to the available layer?

Or is there a different way to show certain data of a layer only to a certain user?

All layers, web maps and applications are hosted on AGOL. 

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