Sharing hosted feature layer from partnered collaboration to a distributed collaboration

09-06-2021 08:39 AM
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We are two ArcGIS Online sites and one Portal (version 10.7.1). The portal has a distributed collaboration to one of the online sites and I have set up a partnered collaboration between the two online sites.  I am an administrator on all three. 

Is it possible that I can get a hosted feature layer via the partnered collaboration to the online site that has the distributed collaboration and back to my portal as a copy please? 

Edit: I have managed to get it across as a reference but not as a copy 

Any help greatly appreciated

Thank you 


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So according to this video, around 55 minutes in, this will not be possible until next year according to ESRI Inc. I am currently working with ESRI UK/Inc. for a workaround. 

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