Sharing and editing hosted feature layer views

09-20-2019 06:01 AM
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Local government with a public facing WebMap, working with hosted feature layer views. I'm new at working with views and am running into an issue with sharing. I would like to be able to create a Public view and an Editing view of parcel and address data. The Editing view I would be able to make edits in Pro or AGOL, and it should automatically push updates to the Public view. The problem I'm running into is that I designate the hosted layer as the Editing view, I am required to make that public in order for the view layer to still be public (and thus not require users to login). However, if I switch and make the original hosted layer Public and create an Editing view, the editing view does not push the updates to the original hosted layer like I want. Am I missing something?

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Hi Susanne Joy‌ - 

With Hosted Feature Layer Views, data should update across the Views and parent Hosted Feature Layer when edits are made. Keeping the Hosted Feature Layer private and creating a public-facing view would probably be the way to go here. I ran through the workflow quickly and noticed that when originally trying to access the public View, I had not removed my organization short name from the URL. Once I removed this, the URL to my View was "<itemID>. I was able to access this public View without a login while keeping my editable Hosted Feature Layer private. 

Hope this helps,