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10-15-2020 09:59 PM
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I am having issue in uploading the attached shapefiles which i exported from QGIS. I basically want to place these files on the host so i can make my map.

Please help to identify the issue so i can solve the problem. Appreciate your assistance.

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Hi Khaled,

I had no issues adding this item to ArcGIS Online, with the option checked to publish as a Hosted Feature Layer, and then adding the layer to a Web Map. Guide here:

Add items—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

What error message are you receiving?

If you are using a public account, you may need to have a user licence for ArcGIS Online that lets you create content. If this is a non-commercial project an ArcGIS for Personal Use licence has a low annual fee - I have one for personal projects and it's great.

User types, roles, and privileges—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

ArcGIS for Personal Use | Esri Australia 



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Hi Chris

I managed to load the file after few attempts. Not sure what was the problem.

I made my map and saved it but now i have an error saying that the layer is not responding.

Any idea what the problem is ?

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