How to change Featured Content group?

10-14-2020 02:34 AM
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I'm reorganising our ArcGIS Online set up and have a group that seems to be designated as the Featured Content group. This is a project group which I now want to restrict only to group members. I've created a Public Content group which is shared with everyone (including outside of organisation). I'd like to change this to be our Featured Content group but this doesn't seem to be in the settings, that I can see anyway. Does anyone know how I can change this setting? I am not the Featured Content group owner, but I am admin and am able to change all other settings.

Thanks - screenshot of the group setting is attached (group owner name is hidden deliberately).

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Hi Caroline,

Are you looking to configure the home page with the group's content, or designate the group as the featured group in your organization's gallery?

If you are looking to design your home page with the group's content, you can follow this documentation. You will be able to edit the body of your home page and add an item gallery, designating the group as the source of the content.

Configure home page—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

If you wish to configure the organization's gallery to highlight a group, you can follow this documentation. Configure gallery—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation 

I hope this helps.

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Hi Donald,

Thanks for your response. I've managed to set up my new group as the gallery for the homepage. I guess the Featured Content setting is a hangover from previous configurations.

Thanks again,