Send an automatic email when modifying attributes (of a specific field) in a service/ feature class (Portal ArcGIS Enterprise / ArcGIS Online)

05-06-2021 02:48 AM
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I would like to create a python script (or find any other way) to send an automatic email when information in one field of my feature class (service) is being modified in either ArcGIS Online or Portal.

I am not looking for sending an email when a feature is added, but rather when it's been modified.

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You'll have to enable a web hooks for that feature service and set it to only fire when features are edited. 

This webhook will need somewhere to go, so you'll have to either use a COTS program like integromat or Power Automate, or create your own web hook endpoint with Python and Flask or Django and have it process it from there. 

As of writing this right now (5/6/2021), ESRI seems to have pulled all of their documentation for web hooks on the REST API reference for some reason. 

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Any updates on this question?  Curious if you found a solution?

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