Select Widget Saves Only Read-only copy to my content

05-26-2022 08:47 AM
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I'm creating a web app for field users to be able to draw points, then open their points in Field Maps and navigate to them. I thought the select widget in the app was a great fix for this, but it's only saving features as read-only. I was hoping they'd be able to add it to a map of their own so they could open that one in Field Maps (one solution to easily finding their own points). Is there a way to make these layers editable when saved to my content? I double checked the permissions on the parent layer and all the views. They are all editable. The only thing that isn't checked is that "allow for public data collection" but I don't know if that will help when editing for add, update, and delete is already enabled. The attributes are also editable. The settings page for a point saved to "my content" has very few settings. I don't want to mess with the schema of the parent layer and I want to avoid republishing as its an urgent project I'm trying to push out. 


Thank you for your input!

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