Seeking a workflow/guide/checklist to take a project from initial request all the way through final delivery

05-13-2020 03:57 PM
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I am looking for an existing workflow, guide, checklist, etc to serve as an aid when creating a web app.  I have a rough idea in my head, but I wanted to see if there was something already built.  I want to use something like the below general workflow, but with a LOT more detail and some instructions along the way.  I want to leave the "configure web app" part generic, because this will apply to Web AppBuilder, a Dashboard, or any of the web app templates.

General Workflow:

  1. Receive requirement
  2. Refine requirement
  3. Design the schema
  4. Create the feature class in ArcGIS Pro
  5. Test the feature class
  6. Publish as a web layer
  7. Configure the web layer
  8. Create a web map
  9. Add the layer to the web map
  10. Add additional datasets
  11. Create the web app
  12. Configure the web app
  13. Test the web app
  14. Get feedback from requester
  15. Make final changes
  16. Deliver the web app
  17. Continual Process Improvement

Thank you for any help you have to point me in the right direction.

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