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02-14-2020 07:54 AM
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I have a raster KMZ's

If I drag the downloaded kmz file in arcgis Pro it renders fine.

When I publish to ArcGis Online as  a web map it works but opening the map it gives a warning and doesn't load it.

The KML is not avialable or cannot be added to the map.

Another one loads but then displays a grey raster with a big red cross.



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Hi Lennert Pronk‌,

I took at look at the kmz files and am seeing the same behavior on my end. It looks like the ArcGIS Online KML parser runs into an error with them. The encoding is UTF-8 so that is correct for ArcGIS Online. I would recommend getting in touch with Esri Support - they can troubleshoot the issue further and take a look at it over a screen share. 



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