Searching for a productive way to edit hosted feature services

08-14-2019 10:32 AM
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I have a HFS on ArcGIS Online and I need to make some edits. Like most GIS data ,the underlying geodatabase used to publish this service contains subtypes and domains. The data was published this way to AGOL, and both are present when I edit in web apps. However, I need to do heavy geometry editing, which necessitates desktop. Neither Pro nor ArcMap are  handling the subtypes well.

In ArcMap (10.6.1) when I create a local edit copy, everything seems to work fine until I sync. The new features in the HFS have null subtypes, so I need to go and populate those manually after syncing the edits. I've noticed that the local edit GDB has an underscore appended to the subtype field (i.e. "Subtype_") so I'm guessing there's a bug where this is not mapped back to the "Subtype" field in the HFS.

So, on to Pro. When I edit the HFS directly in Pro (2.4.1) the attribute domains are not present for a feature, unless the subtype is null. I've posted about that issue here with no luck yet.

I've resorted to making the edits in ArcMap then going through Pro to populate the subtypes after I sync. As you can see, this is pretty inefficient. What am I missing?

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