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Search widget no longer working in App

04-28-2021 01:04 PM
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I added a new layer to my map in AGOL. The data updated successfully in the app, but the search bar is no longer visible. When editing the app, the search bar is still there. When I try to configure the search widget, it just sits there. I don't have access to edit any of the information. The search information does not show up, so I am wondering if it is still trying to load. 

I had updated map information in March with no problems. This time I used the new viewer.

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I have exactly the same issue with two of our web apps. Did you find a solution to this? 

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Our local Esri supplier helped us out 🙂 If anyone else is having a problem with this, go to the settings of the Web map used for your app and make sure you have allowed search by layer. 

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Had this same problem.  @Katrin 's suggestion to go to the settings of the web map resolved my issue.





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Had a similar problem with this, figured I'd post our solution to help. My search bar disappeared as well and would just scroll when going to the 'edit widget' area. What we found is that when we added a new geocoder we designed it duplicated the ArcGIS World Geocoder. Take one of those out and it fixed everything. Don't know if that'll help you but it may be a solution!

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