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06-29-2020 04:54 PM
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Is there a way you can search for users outside of your organisation on ArcGIS Online and view their profile?  The only way i  know how to do it is to invite Users into a group but i can't see their profile unless they are in the group, even though they are listed as Publicly Visible. Thanks.

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Hello Scott!

You should be able to search for users outside of your organization as long as their security settings allow them and their content to be searched for. Using the search bar located at the top of your ArcGIS Online home page, you can type in the title of one of their items (web map, story map, feature layer, etc) and hit enter. When the result page loads look on the left side of the page under "Filters" and turn off the first filter that says "Only search in 'Your Org Name' ". You will only see this option if your organization allows searching outside the organization.

Under the title of the item a text should say "web map created by xxxx ". The users name will be hyperlinked and you should be able to view their profile. 

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Hi Manu.  Thanks for the reply.  I'm afraid that doesn't help because i wouldn't know the title of any of the user's items and some haven't created any items at all. 

The need to search for users across the AGOL community is because i work across many different portals with many users who are either employees or contractors to the organisations and its a nightmare trying to keep track of it all, especially when contractors have been signed up just so they can use Collector in the field and some don't even know what organisational account they are a part of.  

It would be great to have one place to search for everyone who has listed their user as publicly visible.

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Any luck? I'm trying to do the same.

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I just found out after trial & error that you can search on your home page:

owner:"(the user name)" 

I was struggling to find a way to search for an external user without having to look for groups or items to link them to. Make sure the filter for display only in your org. is off & it should show the user's publicly visible content. From their you can click their name on any of the items and have the option to see their profile, groups, & content. Hope this helps someone else!