Retaining arrow symbology when sharing as web layer

06-03-2021 09:38 AM
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I'm trying to upload a polyline with arrow symbology at the beginning of the line, however, none of the three sharing options (tile, feature tile, and feature) keep the symbology I had set.

When exporting as a feature, the arrow symbology disappeared and it's just a regular polyline. When I share as a vector tile, for some reason the arrows change directions from what I had set in ArcGIS Pro. When sharing as a tile, the visible range is changed and the data is not visible at the scale I need.


I tried recreating the arrows, but I need the arrows to be at the beginning of the polyline, but with the map viewer symbology the arrows overlap and it's difficult to see the direction of the arrow.


Any suggestions?

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Hi Brianna,

There was a post about this a while back, and it seemed that they were working on a solution.  I haven't gotten it to work on my end.  I know some people will overlay a tile layer that has the arrows separate, but I didn't like doing that because my network changes daily and I'd have to update the tile layer each time to avoid having arrows floating in the line's old location.  I'm glad you brought this up though because I'd really like to get this working as well.  Here's the old post:


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Hi David,

Thanks for your reply! I'll try doing the arrows separately, that should work for me since my water flow is from natural source and won't be changing directions. I appreciate the advice.

It's unfortunate they haven't fixed this yet. I agree with your comment on that post that using the endpoints makes the nodes really noisy. I'm making a Story Map that will be on the front page of an organizations website, and something that messy simply won't work for my client. It's annoying spending many hours troubleshooting this when it seems like it should be a really basic cartographic function.




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