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09-28-2018 01:35 PM
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I am encountering problems trying to resize the default popup feature.  Regardless of my approach, The popup will not properly size the window to my photo and description.   I understand this may be impossible currently, according to previous threads: 

...But it is my job to check.   

The only mildly odd bit about this data is that it was converted from KML to GeoJSON (not shapefile) to accommodate very long descriptions, longer than the dBase-Shapefile limit allows.  This should be irrelevant.



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I would put forth to Esri it should have little re-size handle in the bottom-right. It should also be movable like my site:  

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Hi Jess,

Currently, this isn't possible with pop ups hosted with ArcGIS Online. We are working to improve this experience in the future but it would be helpful if you posted your specific needs on the ideas site Auto-size/Customize width of map popups.

Another suggestion is to check out the Media Map template. It is written in the 4X Javascript API and incorporates some more flexibility in the pop-ups. I haven't tried with images specifically, but it may be worth a try.