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Reference geodatabase - ERROR 000464: Cannot get exclusive schema lock

05-30-2023 03:26 AM
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Hello Everyone

I have a point layer, this layer auto update in every 30 minutes duration. I wanted to generate raster using Natural Neighbour interpolation method. The raster also needs to auto generate in every 30 minutes. For generating the raster, I have created a python script to generate the raster and append newly generated raster in mosaic dataset.

I have registered a folder as a datastore and published the mosaic dataset as a reference geodatabase on the portal 11.

When I run the python script before publishing mosaic dataset, the script working properly, but when I run this script with the workspace of the reference geodatabase facing the issue " ERROR 000464: Cannot get exclusive schema lock.  Either being edited or in use by another application or service."


Python script is attached here for your reference, also attached error report here for your reference.

Kindly help me to resolve this issue.



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Hi Sunita,

Were you able to resolve this issue? I am getting a similar issue while trying to debug a python script and cannot figure out why it says I have a schema lock on a feature class in a test database that no else is connected to.  I have closed all applications and even restarted SQL Server with no results.

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No, Still I am waiting to find the solution around this but didn't get.

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