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Raster Layers Grouped When Exported to Webmap - Seperate in ArcGIS Pro

07-07-2021 12:19 PM
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I am trying to share a map that I created in ArcGIS Pro as a webmap so that I can incorporate it into an ArcGIS dashboard.

The map has multiple vector layers and multiple raster layers. When I look at the map in ArcGIS pro, all the layers have their own check box and I can turn them off/on individually (see image below). For instance, I can have the "flooding extent" layer turned on, but the "After January.." layer turned off.not grouped layers.PNG


However, when I export this map as a webmap, all the raster layers become somehow grouped/merged (not sure what the correct terminology is). I can only view all of the raster layers at once or none of them. This does not happen for the vector layers, which I can turn on and off individually (see below)
grouped raster ungrouped vector.PNG

Could anyone tell me how to maintain the ability to turn on/off individual Raster layers when I export this map from ArcGIS pro as a webmap?

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Hi, I have come cross the same issue. Have you found a solution yet?

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Same issue for me. Elevation rasters are combined into one tile layer and all layers inherit transparency if a single layer has transparent symbology. We often illustrate elevation with slight transparency over a hillshade to show geomorphic features, but it is not effective when every layer inherits the transparency.

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