"Publish this file as a hosted layer" option doesn't appear

07-07-2020 05:30 PM
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I'm trying to upload a .csv file to create a hosted feature layer. I click Add Item > From My Computer, but the box that appears does not include a "Publish this file as a hosted layer" option at all. I have administrator privileges. What am I doing wrong?


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Hi Kelaine Ravdin‌,

The dialog included in the image looks like what you might see when logged into a free, public account. Can you confirm that you are in your organization (does the URL say orgname.maps.arcgis.com...)? 

If you are logged in to your organization, can you test creating a hosted feature layer from a template (Create > Feature Layer > From a Template > Build a Layer > follow the prompts to create a hosted feature layer)?

Hope this helps,


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I am following the " Creating and Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS Online" tutorial exercise 1, step 6, trying to view an tile package as a layer in AGOL. When I bring in the tile package it only allows me to open it in pro or desktop. Back to publishing as a tile layer, in the New Item window, there is no option to Create a Hosted Layer. Not sure what the issue is. I am logged in through my organization and should have the necessary authorization for this task. Any help or advice is appreciated, thank you.

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Sorry, here is an image of my window

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