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10-05-2011 02:53 PM
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I've been experimenting adding content to my ArcGIS online account.  My goal is to create a project that can be deployed to multiple mobile device OS (iOS, Android,...).  What is the Add Item button used for (see attachment)?  I created a iOS Mobile Application using this button but when I try to open it w/ an iPad the project is not displayed.  All my Web Map types are displayed and seem to work fine.  I'm just trying to sort out the differences between 'Add Item' and 'Create Map' and the pros/cons. 

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Some items are physically stored inside ArcGIS Online, like web maps and other types of uploaded content, like Map Documents (MXDs) created in ArcGIS Desktop. Some items are references to things that exist on the web already. These are things like references to a web mapping application, where you provide the URL to the actual running application. 

Here's the list of content that can be managed in ArcGIS Online.

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