Python API Published Data is visible on map and yet can't be accessed outside the map

12-23-2020 10:59 PM
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Can't seem to figure out why a path geometry showed up as polygon and then while I can see it in the mapviewer I can't seem to access the data through the item details.  It shows that I have 190 features but then I can't view the data outside the map browsing interface.

The feature layer was created using pyhton api.  The geometry is good and the dataset is posted formatted  as a geojson and zipped file.

Code used to create (shown below) is based on a GeoAccessor from a dataframe with a SHAPE column for the geometry and the geometry is given as multilinestring.  But the map shows it as a polygon and it is not.  

hemafeatfcol = hemageoac.to_feature_collection(name='Emergency Repair and Maintenance projects', drawing_info=None, extent=None, global_id_field=None)

hemainfcdict = dict(
hemainjson = json.dumps({"featureCollection": {"layers": [hemainfcdict]}})
#print (" JSON feature collection : {} ".format(hemainjson))
hemainitem_properties = {'title': 'HDOT Emergency Repair and Maintenance projects ' ,
'description':'HDOT Emergency Repair and Maintenance projects ' + \
'Using HWY-C Excel data ',
'tags': 'projects, pss, HDOT, repair, status, maintenance ',
'type':'Feature Collection'}
hemainitem = qgis.content.add(hemainitem_properties)

HDOT Emergency Repair and Maintenance projects ( .   

GeoJSON link

Polylines Map data that I can see but can't download or access any other way -


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