Publishing Services via ArcGIS - Services - strange behaviour

05-21-2015 07:09 AM
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Dear all,

today i wanted to update an existing service (overwrite it). I did this procedure many times before but today i see an empty window within arcgis.

I am using ArcGIS 10.2.2

I load my project mxd with the layer i want to update

I choose publish service via the File --> Publish service --> update an existing service

Normaly i am getting a list now, where i can choose which service i want to update. But today this list is empty. I have no idea why and how i could fix this problem.

I am still able to see all my serices which i published in ArcCatalog as well as in the arcgis server manager.

Also i am able to publish a new service without any problem. But in all cases the following window stays empty:


I really did not change anything

Does someone has an idea why it is empty and how i can solve it?

All services are working fine.

Thank you in advice and best regards Thomas

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Hi Thomas,

Are you connecting to the correct ArcGIS Server connection?  Were you previously connecting to an admin, instead of a publisher, connection?

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Hi Jake,

i previously connected to the same Server Connection as shown within the figure.

If i open ArcCatalog it looks like this:


The strange thing (to me) is, that all services are listed within the arcgis on a-gis_6080 (Benutzer = user) connection. Within the Publisher and the Admin connection nothing is listed.

Furthermore i can only choose between these two connections shown in the following figure:

Normaly i used the Publisher connection and everything worked fine. But now as you can see in the first figure, the services moved to the "user" connection. How is this possible?


I am really confused because i am not that deep into this server configuration topic.

Thank you in advice,


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Try removing the connection from Catalog, close all Arc sessions.  Open Catalog back up and add the connection back in.

See if that does the trick.


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You wont belive all services appeard again in the publisher connection. Also within the "overwrite services" window as well as within ArcCatalog.

The thing what i did today before i saw the problem was, i just published a service within a subfolder (called UF). Now i tried to publish the same service within the "Stammverzeichnis" - Main Directory and then trying to overwrite this published service. And then all other services appeared again.

Is this some kind of a temp Bug or do i need to consider something the next time?



I hope it was just a temporary thing, because i can not explain it otherwise.

Thank you both for your answers.

Best regards,


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