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Publishing from Pro to AGO - Short converting to Small Integer data type

06-30-2023 11:36 AM
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I recently published a large dataset (~500,000 records) from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online. There is one field that in the original enterprise geodatabase feature  class that is set to short and has domains associated with it. Once published, one field changed to a 'small integer' which isn't even an option when creating a new field. Now, when I try to update the hosted feature layer with a shapefile from Pro, the two fields do not match and I am unable to transfer the data over. Is there an easier way to fix this instead of creating a new field and domains, transferring the information over to that new field, deleting the old field and then creating a new field with the same name. Is there also a way to prevent this from happening where short integers in Pro just become the standard ArcGIS Online 'integer' type like Pro's long integers do.

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