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Publishing failure with Arcgis PRO

04-25-2023 07:23 AM
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Hi everyone,

I tried to publish a polyline layer on ArcGIS Online with ArcGIS PRO and I received the following error message: "ErrorMessage: General Failure".

I checked the Geometries (check Geometry ESRI Tool) of the features and I have no errors,

I checekd also that I don't have empty geometries.

I used the Repair Geometry Tool and I have no geometries to repair.

So everything look good.


I tried to publish the same polyline layer on the same ArcGIS Online with ArcMap and it worked.

Do someone know how this can happen and what could I check in ArcGIS PRO to solve this problem?

Thanks for your help.

Have a good day


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Hi Xavier,

When you click Analyze do any warnings pop up? Have you tried checking for Arc Pro and computer updates?

I've gotten general failures before, but they usually aren't the same thing.

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Hi MarkBennett,

Thanks for your answer.

I had some warnings about projections of background layer but no failure.

I did the last update of ArcGIS PRO and still have the error. My computer is updated.

Have a good day.


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