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Label order not reflecting feature order

04-26-2023 08:45 PM
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I have a feature layer that shows the sale price of a house. For repeat sales there are multiple features for a single house. I have tried to order the data in descending date order using the orderBy attribute of the FeatureLayer, but no matter whether I specify ascending or descending order the features always appear in descending order when viewed via the popup.

I also have the Label for the layer displaying the price. In the case where there are multiple features the visible label shows as the price of the oldest sale, opposite to what I expected when I specified the layer be displayed in descending date order.

The data I have has Sale 1 at $493K in 2020 and Sale 3 at $340K in 2009. When looking at it all through ArcGIS I see the $340K price. I want to see the 2020 price of $493K in line with the FeatureLayer order.

Have I done something wrong?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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We have an issue logged in the API. I would recommend getting your account tagged to the issue as well. The ID is: BUG-000151699

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