Publishing a Query Layer....strange behaviour aftewards

07-06-2023 06:30 AM
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So I am trying to create a webmap/dashboard to show Hydrant Inspections.  In our SDE we have a feature layer of hydrants and also a table that has hydrant inspections in it.  In ArcGIS Pro I have created a Query Layer to show all the hydrants that have been inspected so far this year in green and all the uninspected ones are shown in red.

In the query layer I am basically just joining all of the current year inspections to the hydrants, and then symbolizing based on one of the joined INSP_DATE field being "Null" or actually having a valid date.

In ArcPro it works well, but once it gets published to as a webservice and I try to use it in a web map it's quite slow (which could be as expected), but I can only access the "Properties" of the layer....Pop-Ups, Labels, etc are all grayed out in the GUI.  The map is there, and the symbology is correct, but it just doesn't seem to function properly.

If I try to use the web map in a dashboard I just get a "cannot access data" on the visuals I am trying to add.

This is hosted on our internal server, and our IT department published the layer, so I'm too sure on how exactly they created the web-service.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?



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