Public Web Application not Accessible to Public without Login Credentials?

07-01-2020 05:46 PM
by Anonymous User
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I created a public web application with public layers yet users are prompted to input their login credentials before they can view the application. To my understanding, Learn ArcGIS accounts have the ability to share content outside of the Learn ArcGIS organization so why is anonymous access to my public content not possible?

Here is the web application link I want made available to anyone regardless of organizational membership:

Again, if everything is 'public' and my Learn ArcGIS account enables me to "share content with public" (given my LearnUser role), why is the login credential screen still coming up? 

Any help would be much appreciated! The web application is a map of essential businesses meant to help residents in my city support local businesses during these troubling times. Obviously, a large majority of my neighbors do not have access to this program so if they are not able to access the link, there is no point.

Thank you,

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Hi Alicia,

The most common reason for what you are experiencing is that something configured in your app is not shared publicly. You app may be, the webmap may be, but also ensure that all data layers that are part of that webmap are also shared publicly.  It looks like this layer is your culprit.

You do not have access to this resource:

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