Point intersect with a list of boundary feature layers and return the layer name in pop-up table using arcade

07-01-2020 11:19 PM
by Anonymous User
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An Arcade question: Like the title said, I have a list of boundary layers and need to return the boundary name in point pop-up table if point feature intersect any boundaries.

Thank you!

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Esri Esteemed Contributor

Hi Zhan Shi ,

In short, yes you can have a list of layer names and loop through these names, access the layer in the map and use the intersect to see if the point hits any boundaries in that layer, use the count and return the layer name if any hits are found. 

What might be an issue is performance. It will take multiple requests to the service and depending the number of layers, number of features in each layer and complexity (number of vertices) of the polygons, this might not result in an acceptable performance for the end user. It is however possible and you can test to see if it performs.

If you want some more detailed help, you could share the data to a group and invite me (xbakker.spx) and I will show you the Arcade expression that you could use. 

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