Projections when publishing content in ArcGIS Server

09-10-2015 10:41 AM
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Hello all,

I have a question regarding projections when publishing content through ArcGIS Server. I have seen documentation as follows:

Many organizations use geographic information system (GIS) data stored in a local projected coordinate system. When preparing to share maps or layers on the Web, it is recommended to reproject your source data to the Web Mercator coordinate system. Doing so will ensure that your map data is located correctly and aligns properly with other services such as popular content providers Microsoft® BingMaps, Google Maps, and ESRI® ArcGISSM Online, which have standardized their services on the Web Mercator coordinate system.”

The paragraph above came from the following link:


I recently took a class from esri in which the instructor mentioned it is not necessary to project your source data to web mercator, but it is only necessary to project your data frame to web Mercator. He said that all source layers should be in the same projection, but it is only necessary for the data frame to be in web Mercator. Can anyone verify this?

Thanks in advance.

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