Problems to visualize popups from a wms service inside the map viewer.

10-26-2021 05:15 AM
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Hi, someone could help me about popups from wms services?

It is my first time working with ogc services in AGOL.

I am trying to add in AGOL a WMS service from a external resource, i am able to add the service using the following URL:

As a sample, i am using the layer named "Assentamentos Rurais" but the problem happens with all layers from the service.

When i try to visualize the popup from the service, the popup screen keeps in blank (print1.png attached), if i open Chrome Dev Tools, i can see that the browse sends the following request to the server:

If i open this request in a new tab in the browser, i can see the attributes from the feature but the content does not appear in popup.

I do not know if is missing some parameter at the moment that i add the service or if the problem is related with something blocking AGOL to create the pop-up with the information received from the server.

Someone could help me?

Thank you

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