Power Automate Condition Failing

05-12-2022 08:43 AM
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I created a Power Automate flow, based on this blog post to send an email anytime a new feature is added to a particular hosted feature layer in AGOL.

After the 'send email' step, I added a condition, that looks to see if a particular value was placed in one of the feature's attribute fields.  if so, another email is sent to another person. 

The flow works fine, sending the first email email, but always seems to return a "false" result when it goes to the next step of seeing if the condition is met in order to send the second email.

The formula for the condition is:

item()['attributes']['dispatched_crew'] is equal toCrew 1



For whatever reason, when a new record is created and "Crew 1" is entered in the Dispatched Crew field, viewing the results of the executed flow shows that condition as being false, and the second email doesn't send.



Any Ideas?  Do I need to reformat the expression in the condition to something other than item()['attributes']['dispatched_crew'] ?

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Has anyone solved this?

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