Populate a table based on Survey Related Table

06-25-2019 07:33 AM
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I have a survey as a related table to an hydrant feature. Let's call the Main Feature (Hydrants) Feature 1 and the Survey Table, Table 1. One of the question in the survey is about Paint Condition,  I need to create a follow up app (Collector) when Paint is required. I already have items in a table called "Hydrant_Paint_Program" (Table 2) from previous year and that table is currently has a Parent/Child Relationship with "Table 1".

How can I get Table 1 to populate Table 2 when the questions "Paint Condition" is set to "Needs Paint"?

Any guidance would greatly be appreciated.


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Hi Kevin,

From your description there may be a couple of different ways to do this.  The most general way would be have a Webhooks or other processing action (i.e., a script) happen after the data is submitted that looks up the appropriate record in table 2 and updated the value (or submits a new record, depending on the workflow).

You may also be able to have table 2 updated with a record in the form itself, but that would require the form to be based off the parent and then include sections for table 1 and table 2.