Poor Performance When Adding Layer Indexed ArcGIS Service Layer to AGOL

01-14-2020 01:50 AM
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My data sits in SDE databases on Windows Server 2012, SQL server manager.

I often add ArcGIS Server Web services to my maps and they perform really well. However, when I add a specified indexed layer ID when adding the service, it drastically affects the performance of the layer. e.g:


instead of:


It's confusing me because the data is coming from the same source (same SDE, same server, same service), but performs alot worse when added individually, rather than as a whole service.

The reason I want to add the layer individually, is because I use it in Operations Dashboard. However, when adding the whole service to a web map, I cannot get the map within Operations Dashboard to link/filter/query with the other chart elements via their actions tab "Element does not support any events" . This functionality only becomes available to me if I reference the layer ID when adding the service to a web map, or upload and use AGOL hosted feature layers instead of service layers from my SDE.

Please could anyone help me with:

a) What could be causing this big performance drop?

b) Any recommendations to rectifying/improving this performance?

c) An alternate way to get the Operations Dashboard functionality I am after in AGOL, using SDE sourced ArcGIS server layers?

Many thanks in advance

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