Point symbology based on location

05-22-2019 03:59 AM
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Hi all, HELP.

I need / would like to change the symbology in particular the colour of a point from one layer basing it against its location to a point within another layer. For example if a point from layer A is within 10 metres of a point from layer B it turns green if its not then its red. i have Hex codes for the colours which i know can be used in Arcade so this is not an issue. 

I'm not a coder but good at picking tricks up. Has anyone done this or similar before (sure someone has) if so could do with a little help. Also im new to Esri and GIs in recent months so this is a great learning curve

Many thanks in advanced.

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The functionality available inside an Arcade expression depends on where is it applied (the profile so to speak). For a point from label A to know something about a point from layer B, requires access to another layer with functions like FeatureSetBy* and those are not available in the symbology profile. You can however create an additional field and calculate that field using an Arcade expression with access to the other layer. 

I can imagine you would do something like this:

// create a buffer of 10m arround your point in layer A
var BufferA = BufferGeodetic($feature, 10, 'meters');

// Access your layer B
var LayerB = FeatureSetByName($datastore, "LayerB");

// Intersect the buffer A and layer B;
var IntersectAandB = Intersects(LayerB, BufferA);

// To speed this up with a single request you can nest the statements above:
var IntersectAandB = Intersects(FeatureSetByName($datastore, "LayerB"), BufferGeodetic($feature, 10, 'meters'));

// Check the number of features found
if (Count(InterectAandB) > 0) {
    return "green";
} else {
    return "red";

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Thank you i will look into this further.