Photos not working in Current Map Viewer Pop-up but work in Map Viewer Classic Pop-up and Experience Builder Thumbnails

08-02-2023 01:41 PM
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Hello ESRI Community,

I have come across an issue as of 08/02/2023 regarding images within popups in Map Viewer.

I have a dataset with a photo URL that works fine in Experience Builder for Thumbnails on buttons, and works well in Classic Map Viewer popups, but it will not display at all in the current Map Viewer popups.

Experience Builder view of image on the left:


Classic Map Viewer view:




Current Map Viewer Pop-up missing image with just blank space:





The photos that are affected are all wider than 400 pixels and less than 10 MB mentioned in the ESRI documentation on pop-up configurations for images, but still will not load into the popup. What is even stranger is a few of the images (less than 20% of the data) will load into the current Map Viewer with no discernible reason as to why those images work while the others don't despite all of them working in Classic Map Viewer and Experience Builder. The naming conventions are all pretty much the same across the board with none reaching a character limit, and while file sizes vary, they still appear in Classic Map Viewer.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon or know a work around?

This could be a bug, or it could be something else, but I haven't been able to come to a conclusion on what is causing the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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A link to one of the photos you are trying to use would be helpful. It also seems (?) that you are using custom HTML to create a table in the pop-up to display the information and photo. HTML was tightened up a bit for security reasons in Map Viewer including reserved words, so that might another place to look. This happened to me with one of my Classic examples.

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To answer your questions:

The link is a secure internal link that works in all other formats stated above and similar links have been used by my organization for other apps and the links and images work just fine in them with no issues (though those apps were created prior to the most recent updates to AGO and Map Viewer). The link format is the with no spaces or other interrupters as these URL links work fine in photos in Experience Builder and Classic Map Viewer.

The HTML is only for the table. The images use the standard add images to pop-up on Map Viewer Settings, and again a few images will load into pop-up but most do not on the current Map Viewer wher. 

Image of Popup View for Images and the bracketed URL:




These images all work perfectly fine in Map Viewer Classic but not the current Map Viewer and by extension Experience Builder due to it pulling from the Current Map Viewer for pop-ups and tables.

I've even removed the HTML code and reset the whole pop-up to just the title and photo link but the images still do not load into the pop-up so I still don't have a solution.

Still, I really appreciate your time to look at this issue I've been having.

Thank you.

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Have you found a solution? I've noticed that the images only display if you attach the image via AGOL. If you attach images via Pro and share to AGOL, the images will only display in Classic Viewer is hidden in New Viewer. I've brought this issue up a few times but have never gotten a solution. This has been an issue for a while.  @BernSzukalski 

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