Permission changes when using AGOL through Microsoft Edge

11-08-2019 10:52 AM
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Today a colleague was using AGOL through Microsoft Edge and I noticed that her permissions acted differently in this browser vs. using chrome. 

The user in question holds a basic viewer role. When using chrome all her permissions are set as they should be. But when using edge, she gains an add data button when in a map.

I have also noticed a drop 

Is this a known issue? Did I set up permissions wrong somewhere along the line? 

Any insight would be appreciated!


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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi Pat,

I don't think you misconfigured anything. I just tested this with a Viewer role in Edge and do not see an Add Data button in a Web Map. 

Is it by chance a custom Viewer-based role? If so would you be able to include a screen shot of the included permissions here?

Are you still seeing the issue in Edge? 



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