Performance issues in MapViewer since February 2024 updates

03-05-2024 07:26 AM
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Has anyone else experienced reduced performance in existing MapViewer maps since the recent February 2024 update?  Maps which had a lot of layers on but overall performed fine prior to the update, are now resulting in very slow speeds to load and render. 



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Hi Joe,

I'm sorry to hear that you are facing performance issues recently! Would you be able to provide a bit more detail regarding it?

  • Are you seeing performance issues across both Map Viewers?
  • How many layers/how complex is the data held within the web maps in question?
  • Are performance issues experienced in any new web maps that you create?
  • Can you test creating a new web map with the same layers as your existing one to see if the same performance issues are seen?
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Hi Shane,


  • Only tested on the new map viewer - if I open in classic would i lose the group layers?
  • Many. Could be 200 layers
  • Not on new small ones
  • Will report back than on that. I dont want to manually recreate the map though for obvious reasons.



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Are you able to share the map? If you cant share it publicly you can invite russell_jsapi to a group and I can check it out. 

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Sorry Russ - I cant share that one.

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What I have noticed is that since the update I am not seeing all objects that should be there in a certain web map, after opening it. After using the zoom buttons (+/-) everything seems to be ok again. Looks like there is some problem building a fresh cache. These are layers from map services from ArcGIS Enterprise.

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