Has anyone used the RTK locator from Metrotec and VIVAX

01-26-2023 11:20 AM
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Our company has an underground location from Metrotec/Vivax and it uses a web application called VMMAP.

In the VMMAP page there is an option to Sync to ArcGIS Online.

I have created a connection to a service I created for the RTX data

I have matched the fields from VMMAX to my FeatureService.

However, there no instructions in their knowledgebase for this and I cannot determine how to push or sync the data with my ArcGIS Online account. 

Anyone here have experience. 

The only email contacts for the company are for sales.  I have written to two separate locations. 

There knowledge base has no help documents that pertain. 

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Hi Robert,

Did you ever figure this out? I'd be curious to hear anything you learned about integrating these two systems.


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I did eventually solve this with the help of the VM team. It's a little bit convoluted, but the basic tricks are that you need them to "upgrade" your account if it isn't setup as multi-user yet and your layer needs to contain sub-layers per point type.